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"I can't sit the bench, I may miss an opportunity..." -- W. Keith Scott

Welcome to my site! I am overjoyed that you have come to learn more about me as an actor; hopefully you'll leave impressed! It's been a wild year since I retired from the Army; prayerfully things will stay on the up-swing. Nevertheless, I'm glad to have this moment to share with you!

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About W. Keith Scott


W. Keith Scott hails from Boston, Massachusetts by way of his birthplace of Kinston, North Carolina. During his childhood he was always drawn to the performing arts starting out with the recorder and chorus, later moving to the Base Guitar and Clarinet and then to the theater department. While living much of his adolescent life in Boston, he attended Madison Park High School where he excelled in the performing arts. Although his formal training stems from Fayetteville Tech, his other trainings come from local and self taught instruction. Alongside legendary music greats, New Edition, he formed his own musical group Nadiege, although the group had little success. After the disbanding of Nadiege, he and a relative decided to join the United States Army together under the "buddy system." During his 24 years of active duty service he has earned numerous awards accounting for his successfully achievements during his military career.

The display of a Parachutist Badge and an Expert Marksmanship Badge indicates he will go the extra distance to get the job done. While moving up the ranks in the military his love of the arts continued to mature while participating with local theater groups and venues. Upon retirement from the U.S. Army, Sergeant Major (SGM) has achieved the highest enlisted rank as a Soldier. SGM (Ret.) Scott's dedication and drive to his projects aka mission can be seen through his military service, his loving marriage, his children and his devotions to his faith in God. Anticipating his retirement from the military and returning to his dream of acting, SGM (Ret.) Scott was able to obtain a role in 2006 in the locally acclaimed full length film Tricks.

Such an opportunity sparked a rejuvenation of his passion for the performing arts as he began to pursue more versatile roles to include several on the nationally syndicated cable channel Investigative Discovery. Now, as a veteran, SGM (Ret.) Scott brings the experiences of leadership, determination, sacrifice and service to the roles he undertakes as an actor and the unique perspective he offers as a Military Technical Advisor to filmmakers, fellow actors, screenwriters, and producers.

This talented actor has yet to have the opportunity to show us the wealth of knowledge he brings to the industry; he continues to pursue his dreams by approaching each project with the same fervor and enthusiasm he nurtured all his life.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: W. Keith Scott

W. Keith Scott

Gender: Male

Height: 5 feet 10 in

Weight: 200 lbs Age Range: 35 - 55

Physique: Athletic

Ethnicity: African American Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Short

Eyes: Brown Unique Traits: Military SGM, Military Technical Advisor/Sergeant Major (Ret.)

It's not much of a "reel" per se, but I have collected a few of my clips on my YouTube Channel for you to see.

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